Comic Review – TMNT/Ghostbusters #2

Originally written for Flickering Myth.

Here’s the review for Issue 1!

“The Turtles are stuck in the Ghostbusters dimension… along with a brand-new, all-powerful, all-crazy ghost from centuries past! The two teams will have to act fast to save the day, but what happens when Casey Jones becomes possessed?”

Now we’ve got the initial intro issue out of the way, TMNT/Ghostbusters is on the up. That doesn’t mean it’s hitting the same heights as my crazy expectations though.

Quickly proving themselves to be a thorn in the side of Chi-You, Busters quickly realise that the turtles aren’t just left behind constructs and get down to business. In this case business means plenty of snappy dialogue between everyone involved. Seeing these cultural icons figuring each other out is the main thrill of this issue and one I don’t think I’d ever get bored off.

I’ll be honest. If the choice is to talk about the personal relationships being built up or the threat of Chi-You, I’ll be talking about the former all the way.

What’s that? It’s my review? Yes! OK I’ll stick with that then.

It’s pleasantly surprising to find the relationships aren’t all the obvious team ups we would have imagined, and that allows for some interesting dialogue and scenes that will raise more than a few smiles. I’d never thought about it, but Leo’s decision on who he thinks the leader of the Busters is actually makes a lot of sense, especially with knowing his background well.

The story moves along nicely, explaining the situation and introducing higher stakes for everyone. Add in the dialogue that I can’t seem to stop talking about and it’s a strong issue from a writing point of view.

Now that I’m not being bothered by inconsistencies I can fully get behind the artwork, which not only looks very snazzy but shows off the TMNT well. The human designs may not be for all tastes but I like a bit of exaggeration. Who needs realism? The ghostly effect applied to Chi-You, his army and Slimer is rather cool too.

We’re already at the halfway point in this series, and it’s just getting into it’s stride. I’m expecting great things in issue 3!

TMNT Tidbits! Watch out for spoilers.

  • Camp Waconda! If you know the first GB film well you’ll get the reference in the final pages.
  • A turtle with a proton pack! Is this some sort of geek dream!?!?! I think it is!
  • Egon is holding a twinky. Nuff said.
  • Very nice explanation why a lot of the information required isn’t stored digitally.
  • Red heads do like giving Venkman a hard time don’t they? I think he might be asking for it though….
  • The joy on Donnie’s face when he realises there are others that understand him. He wears the colander we all saw in the first film too! Very nice considering the trouble he is facing in the main title.
  • What makes it better is the reaction from Venkman and Raphael though!
  • Donnie wound Egon up? I was not expecting that. Makes sense though.
  • Winston/Leo fist bump. Oooo rah.

I also have interviews with TMNT artists Ross Campbell and Mateus Santolouco!

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