Comic Review – Mutanimals #3

Originally written for Flickering Myth.

“The Mutanimals’ ranks have swelled, and they are ready to rumble! Null has a couple of surprises in store though!”

I could review this issue by just posting a big picture of me giving two thumbs ups. It would be utterly apt. But you’d probably rather have my words than my face wouldn’t you? Yeah? OK let’s go with that.

Once more the ladies are shown to be awesome. It’s sad that that is a talking point, but massive kudos to Paul Allor for writing all the females in such a strong and entertaining way. They’re completely on the same level as the men (who are also written damn well). Lindsay still manages to surprise me. I shouldn’t like her, what with her morally questionable decisions so far, but she displays an ability to question and call out those around her that I admire.

Null on the other hand is a bitch. A great one mind you. With several panels showing off her nature amazingly well I really want to see her come up in the main title. We’ve only got one more issue so my only hope is she gets enough time to shine. I still want to know what she is.

Pete is a funny little guy; warning new arrivals against pooing on the floor as Hob isn’t keen was a great line. He might not be a warrior, but he has heart and that means a lot in this team. Hob wouldn’t be without him that’s for sure.

Each member of the team is adding a different dimension. Whilst Pete adds the humour Slash adds rage and unpredictability (I’d love to see a full on fight between him and Rocksteady), with Seymour bringing the feels and Mondo providing a view more in line with what the audience might be thinking. Herman continues to be a strong soldier, maintaining his role even under tough circumstances, but I’d like to see a bit more of him.

That leaves the new mutants, Sally and Ray. We don’t know too much, but I can say I think they’re going to be valuable additions. Ray is pragmatic whilst Sally is ready to go and keen to help. Second fight wish – Ray vs Bludgeon!

Andy Kuhn once again performs wonders. His style is so right for this! Slash and Null in particular shine under his watch. Ben Bates is contributing amazingly on the extra covers and I really want to see him take on these characters too.

Mutanimals has been a fantastic series so far, and I fully expect it to end well. The team have given me nothing but confidence. In fact #3 may just be the best comic I’ve read this month.

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