Comic Review – TMNT #40

Originally written for Flickering Myth.

If you’re not all caught up yet, check out my review for TMNT #39! There might be minor spoiler for the issues if you you’re not up to date!

“Mutants new and old make for a combustible mix! The Turtles are stuck in the middle of an unfolding brawl that could affect mutantkind forever! Will Hob’s army be destroyed before it even begins? Alopex, Nobody, Pigeon Pete…who will be the victor?”

40 issues! IDW’s TMNT series reaches another milestone and it’s fully deserved. No doubt the enduring popularity of the heroes in a half shell has helped, but its amazing visuals and great storytelling that have really kept this title on the stands and going from strength to strength.

Good thing too, as I’ve been busy catching up on the Nickelodeon TV show (I’m up to S3E2 if you’re interested) and that’s been very very good. I was worried that going back to the comic I’d be comparing it unfavourably.

Alas, my fears were allayed immediately with a dynamic cover by regular artist Santolouco that really gets you in the mood. The poop is well and truly hitting the fan and we need to get stuck in!

There are a lot of characters involved in this issue and it’s testament to the team that it doesn’t feel crowded or unnecessary. This incarnation of Bebop and Rocksteady are a real threat and that is conveyed perfectly in the first three pages, which fit in more action than some comics can in 30. Santolouco (that man again) really does lay it all out.

It’s not 100% gun-ho though, as we also get to see more of the relationship between Casey Jones and April’s Father. With Splinter’s relationship with his son’s explored well, as well Casey and Hun’s we can be safe in the knowledge that this will not only be handled with care but will also lead to something down the line. This series is always lining up future story lines whilst not skimping on the current.

With a juicy final page to keep us on our toes until next month, #40 is a blast to read and one I’ll definitely be coming back to throughout the month.

Also there is a cool interview with Mateus in the final few pages! Make sure to check it out.

TMNT Tidbits! Watch out for spoilers.

  • What’s it going to take to properly take down Bebop and Rocksteady? Electrocution, cuts, blows, a building! Yet they’re still standing. Maybe they’re right about half humans being stronger. They need cutting down!
  • A nice believable way of taking Slash out of the fight. Shame he didn’t get involved more but saving Mikey is both admirable and in character.
  • I do like seeing the Second Time Around store. Does it reflect Mr O’Neils new found health? His new son? Or both? Could just be a nice coincidence.
  • Raph doesn’t run! He’s hardcore.
  • Raph and Alopex sitting in a tree……Our first inter-mutant relationship?
  • The way Mateus portrays B&R being taken out is hilarious! Like an old Saturday morning cartoon.
  • I’m starting to like Herman. He seems just the right amount of crazy. No idea where they’ve procured all those missiles from though!
  • WTF Donnie?!? I hope he knows what he’s doing.

I also have interviews with TMNT artists Ross Campbell and Mateus Santolouco!

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