Comic Review – TMNT #38

Originally written for Flickering Myth.

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“Old Hob has perfected the art of making mutants! With the ranks of his mutant gang swelling, the Turtles will have to determine if they can truly trust Hob against the Foot. Throw in Alopex’s return to New York and the mutant mayhem will only get crazier!”

Though I have a fairly strong opinion on most things, I rarely find it hard to see the other person’s point of view. When each side has valid points it can be very tricky to reach a common ground, and that’s when drama occurs.

So I was impressed with how well written (shouldn’t be a surprise really) the interactions between the TMNT were in #38. Whether to deal with Shredder and his personal vendetta or to go for the larger scale trouble posed by Krang has been a question hanging over our heroes for a while now, and here it rears its head once again, dividing the family. Take out the threat that is aiming personally for you, thereby freeing you up to tackle the bigger issue? Or maybe it can’t wait and if Krang wins there won’t be a Foot Clan to fight. Or a world to save. The characters could be normal people in a living room somewhere and the tone etc would still be spot on.

As you can tell up above Old Hob has a part to play this month, and he introduces us to some new characters. Don’t let them be spoilt. Suffice to say you can always trust Mateus Santolouco (backed up very nicely again by Pattison’s colours) to design something awesome.

You know the drill by now. Great lines and dynamic poses with fantastic attention to detail. I think the only thing I question now (and really it is the only thing) are the masks worn by Leo and Donnie. I prefer Raph and Mikey’s, and how they go up over the snout instead of covering it. Overall it’s more of the same though, and that means fantastic art.

This is quite a chatty issue, but when everything that’s said means something or gives you an insight into a character that’s more than enough. That’s not to say it’s completely devoid of action though, and what we do see is well handled and hints at more to come!

It would be very easy to spoil the contents of #38 so I’ll leave it there. You’ll just have it pick it up and read it! Or maybe head on down to the spoiler section….

We’re in the fourth year of this series now, and by my count (including crossovers and mini-series) it’s at 71 issues! What an achievement. The team at IDW should be proud. Not many titles last this long, and even fewer maintain such a high level of consistency.

TMNT Tidbits! Watch out for spoilers.

  • Where’s Donnie? Perhaps the next issue will cover what he’s been up too.
  • I only know of Mondo Gecko in passing, but yet another call back, and one that fits in well with the current story. Sweet board bro.
  • Herman the Hermit Crab sounds like the sort of name you give something when you’re 10. Naming isn’t really Hob’s strong point though. What an interesting dude, with his overtly army appearance and demeanour. I guess we are heading into a war. Very nice making his acquired shell being a dumpster.
  • Do I sense something growing between Slash and everyone else? They’ve all been intimidated by his mass, but now he has the brains to back it up. He’s a very very dangerous prospect. The bulk of Rocksteady with the I.Q of Donnie. Hopefully he remains a good guy. Though I do still miss “CANDEE”. Guess my hope for the Mikey/Slash road trip has gone up the spout.
  • Nice call back to #21 and Splinter ‘training’ his sons. Alongside Hobb clearly clocking Donnie as the ‘the smart one’ it’s nice to have everything link back and see that the characters all notice each other.
  • Nobody’s becoming increasingly handy isn’t she? Angel will finally be able to take on Hun? Possibly? Maybe not if she hasn’t got Alopex there to save her….
  • I can always rely on Mikey to speak sense when it really matters. Spot on.
  • Good to see everyone back together and the ‘family discussion’ makes complete sense. I can see both sides of the argument.
  • Pete is a complete and utter dumbass. He’s couldn’t be asking worse guys for help!

I also have interviews with TMNT artists Ross Campbell and Mateus Santolouco!

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