Comic Review – TMNT #35

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If you’re not all caught up yet, check out my review for TMNT #34.

“Raphael and Michelangelo pay a visit to Old Hob. Turns out the cat’s been busy trying to create new mutants while the Turtles have been away! Will Raph and Mike try to stop him? The choice becomes more difficult when Slash reveals a surprise!”

Picture the scene. A TV flickering in the corner; pizza boxes strewn around the room. DVD’s of the 87′ cartoon stacked up alongside copies of the old Mirage turtles comics. In the middle of it all is Tom Waltz.

This is how I imagine he manages to include so many callbacks to previous incarnations of our heroes, and the myriad characters that inhabited those worlds.

I’ve had to visit TMNT wikis on several occasions to see if a new character is an old one, and I’m always pleasantly surprised by not only the reference, but the fresh spin that seamlessly integrates them into the IDW universe. Of course Mateus’s strong designs and artwork helps things.

But are these guys also clairvoyants? Two weeks ago (Wooo for not waiting a month!) I mentioned how I’d like to see more Mikey. Well hot dang, here he is, and wearing his ushanka!

Red and Orange is a pairing you rarely see, so it’s nice to see Mikey’s empathy and idealism come up against Raph’s pessimistic/realistic view of the world. They are definitely looking at the liquid in the glass in different ways.

This issue continues the set up of previous issues, with more pieces making their way onto the board and taking their positions. What’s cool is I have no idea what’s going to come of it all! Will there be any double-crosses? Probably. Any surprise characters? No doubt.

This isn’t a simple battle of good vs evil. We have multiple factions with their own agendas. When everyone has their own well developed reasoning who do you prioritise as the biggest threat? Who really is evil?

I’ll tell you who is for sure. That bastard Hun. With Krang and Shredder you know where you stand. But he has definitely turned to the dark side. The progression from alcoholic, to gang boss, to near right hand man willing to kill his own son, is fantastic. If I were keeping a points score I’d be awarding a few there.

What are Krang and Shredder up to anyway? Arrggh the suspense is killing me! Issue 36 please! If only to give me more Slash and Hob.

The paternal approach Hob appears to display toward the ‘big guy’ is rather sweet. No more pain indeed. It’s adorable how Slash looks up to Mikey too. Can we have a Mikey/Slash road trip issue? Touring pizzerias perhaps? I may need a drawing of Mikey on Slash’s shoulder. That would be sweet.

Just like this issue is.

OK I’ve got a new section on these reviews for you now, but only for those who have either read the issue or who want to poke their head out of their shell and love a spoiler. A few points I want to talk about outside of the main review.

  • How did Angel get into that suit so quickly?! She’s given it a makeover too?
  • Slash talk proper now. Hm not sure I like that. No more ‘candee?’. On the other hand an intelligent Slash is a highly dangerous prospect. Would give him more to talk about on the Mikey/Slash road trip too. Yes I want that!
  • Do we want to see Slash take on Bebop and Rocksteady? Yes!
  • Did Casey casually spit out a tooth? That boy is hardcore.
  • What is creeping up on Leo and Splinter? Fight fight fight!
  • Nice touch showing the still mangled stair rail from the fight with Slash in the lair.
  • I don’t think I like Lindsay.
  • Pigeon Pete was a pet of Mikey’s in the 87′ cartoon. Funny little guy but I can’t see him lasting long.
Any suggestions on what to call this section? Let me know. Or if you just want to chat TMNT. Either way is cool.

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