Comic Review – TMNT #30

Originally written for Flickering Myth

“The Turtles struggle to recuperate in Northampton. Each Turtle deals with the new status quo in his own way, and each feels lost. But can they find their way to being a family again as the past haunts them?”

What a beautiful cover. Wistful, soft and emotional. A simple idea executed extremely well.

Ross Campbell and Ronda Pattison have come together here to create one of the most beautiful issues of TMNT I’ve yet seen, capturing the mood of the turtles convalescence in Northampton perfectly. I particularly like Campbell’s style of making the lower half of the turtle’s limbs chunkier, reminded me of real turtles.

There is very little action to speak of this month, with the story told mainly through Michaelangelo writing a letter to his buddy Woody back in NYC. Instead we are treated to another side of the TMNT; their love of one another as Brothers and the lessons they learn from each other. Even hot headed Raphael simmers down and gets in touch with his more thoughtful side.

Interactions between Leo, Splinter, and their Wife/Mother are touching, and remind us that our heroes weren’t always this way. Similarly, the currently common sight of the turtles without their masks reminds us that they aren’t always heroes. At the moment they need to look after themselves instead of others.

Overall #30 is an introspective and loving story. A well-judged piece of calm in otherwise turbulent waters. I’d write more but it really doesn’t need it. Kudos to the entire TMNT team.

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