Star Wars Rebels – S1E10 – Path of the Jedi

Upon its New Year return, Star Wars Rebels gives us plenty we’ve seen before, but plenty that’s new too. If that sounds a bit like Yoda, then you’re not far wrong.

In what is possibly the strongest episode yet we get a great look at the relationship between Kanan and Ezra, with a surprise special guest giving us more insight into both characters.The most interesting aspect of this Master/Padawan set up is that neither fit the bill when it comes to pre-Empire days of Jedi training. Kana was only a Padawan himself when his world came crashing down, and Ezra is far past the age where a youngling would join the order. Yet here they are, both struggling yet trying their best to better themselves. It’s extremely powerful to see Kanan in some ways finding things even harder due to the pressure he feel of now being a master, skipping the entire ‘Knight’ stage as he went onto more selfish deeds.

If you like the Force and lightsabers (and who doesn’t?) then it’s all here. Telekinesis, duels, and powerful admissions of hopes and fears all tie together to create a story that more than makes up for waiting a few weeks since the last episode.

Sadly, I can’t help but shift a feeling that it’s all doomed to failure. If these two are kicking around, how could the Skywalker brood be the only hope for the galaxy?

But screw that for a while, as the ending of Path of the Jedi (also a very cool book if you happen to see it) is oh so exciting. Can’t wait for next week!

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