Star Wars Rebels – S1E11 – Idiot’s Array

Look at this image and tell me you’re not excited about this week’s episode of Rebels. I dare you. I triple dare you!

That’s right, Lando Calrissian is back, and voiced by none other than Billy Dee Williams!

The charm. The swagger. That smile. It’s all there as another classic character is brought into the fold. Last week’s episode was very heavy on Kanan, Ezra and the force. Whilst I love those parts of the story (and the unveiling of Ezra’s new lightsaber was an awesome sight), it’s good to see the rest of the crew as they do what they do best; getting themselves in and out of jams!

Unlike Yoda, Vader, or even C-3PO, Lando is very much the focus of this episode, but it’s just as much about what he shows the crew of the Ghost about each other than it is about him and his deals. This is a Lando on the up, gambling and making deals after he lost the Falcon to Han but before he gets his hands on Bespin. The signs are there though, giving a hint to what his future plans are might be.

If you’ve been reading my reviews you’ll know that I haven’t been a big fan of Chopper. His attitude wound me right up, and I’d have been happy to see him tossed out the airlock. But this week I like him! He’s always been a very emotive droid with his small arms waving around and he’s finally acting more like a team member and not someone who would rather be somewhere else.

Hera has a big part to play too this week, proving that she’s my favourite non force sensitive character in the show. I’ve always been a sucker for a strong, independent woman and that applies here.

The story itself isn’t the strongest this series has provided. A simple affair, it relies on the interactions between the characters to sell it as it has a rather forgettable villain. But they’re great interactions! Lando’s integration into the Rebels world is a successful one.

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