Movie Review – Captain America (1990) and Dr.Strange (1978)

Last week I saw down with my brother and Super Duper Stuff friend The Craggus to watch some ‘classic’ Marvel films.

There will be more in the future, but to start we have the first cinematic outing for Captain America and a made for TV Doctor Strange movie…..


Captain America

Despite not looking utterly terrible, this original cinematic take on the First Avenger lurches from one mistake to another.
It ticks the obvious boxes (super soldiers, dead scientists scared of making notes, being frozen etc), but why make Red Skull an Italian fascist? Was 50 years too soon for Nazis? The biggest mistake is surely making Ronny Cox a good guy. It is however unintentionally hilarious to see Rogers freak out sitting in a German car with a Japanese stereo. His simple way of stealing cars works wonders too. Maybe the tumultuous production is to blame. Thank goodness they learnt!

Doctor Strange

After putting myself through this 70’s adaptation I’m not surprised it took 36 years for a second attempt to be announced.
The main issue here is that nothing actually happens. It’s all so laboured, with no pacing to speak of. The stakes aren’t high and you’re left not giving a monkeys if Stephen Strange makes the right choices. Looking like a cheap porno with its soft focus, Dr. Strange was only worth watching so I could tell you not to. Heed my warning! Unless you want to fall asleep, as all this doctor can do is act as a strong anaesthesia.

So then, not the most positive experience, though there were plenty of unintentional laughs.

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