Movie Review – Labyrinth

Yes I know, I’m a bit behind on this one. Better late then never though eh?

I would say we have to get something out of the way before I can get on with this review, but there is no getting out of it’s way or around it.

For a film aimed at children and families this story is packing an extreme amount of BD. For those not in the know (which is everyone as I’m making it up), BD stands for ‘Bowie Dong’. It’s just crazy. I’m really pleased it wasn’t in 3D, as I’d have been seriously concerned for my safety. Poor Hoggle (an amazingly well portrayed puppet/human hybrid) gets a face full of BD on more than occasion and the camera makes no effort to hide it. Bowie pretty much lunges at the camera. It’s quite distracting at times.BD even has websites and Facebook pages of it’s own. I….I mean…..I just don’t know.

The rest of Bowie is perfectly cast as the Goblin King Jareth, his charisma and off-kilter delivery making for a memorable performance. That ‘Magic Dance’ is still in my head a couple of days later says a lot about the soundtrack too.

Coming up against this nefarious being is Sarah, played by Jennifer Connelly. For a young actress contending with acting opposite puppets I felt she did well in the role. She did convincingly sell ‘stroppy teenager’ to me which makes up for any woodenness.

The real high point though are the puppets. From the worm on the wall to the massive Ludo, they are all imbued with such character and life that you can’t not root or boo them. Jim Henson at his finest.

My interest waned around the 2/3 mark but picked up again for the finale. It does seem like the sort of story that will give more on repeated viewings though. With my wife’s love of the film no doubt I’ll be watching again, and I won’t mind.

It actually seems quite odd to be giving this film a moderate score and not an extreme one, such is the feeling engendered in people when it is mentioned.

At least next time I’ll be ready for the BD.

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