Kick-Ass 2

Stupid jet pack ending aside, I rather liked the first Kick-Ass. Not only was it very violent and very funny, but it seemed aware of how ridiculous a lot of it was and just rolled with it.
Having rather annoyingly missed its cinema release I was really excited to watch the sequel. But it turns out it was a massive let down. It’s still ridiculously violent, but whatever wit and charm it possessed has gone, replaced with a bland main performance, an over reliance on Hit-Girl and one poorly judged sexual gag.

I’m actually quite annoyed but how rubbish it was. Throughout it I could not shake an overall feeling of apathy. The idea of escalation has been used already in comic book films, and been handled very well. So Kick-Ass 2 needed to make the most of its outlandish characters. It doesn’t.

Generally I look forward to writing reviews, good or bad. But the fact that I watched this film four days ago and only just got to it says a lot. Novel deaths and a cool Jim Carrey/masked dog combo do not do anywhere near enough to make this worthwhile I’m afraid.

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