Movie Review – Big Hero 6

Following the merchandising behemoth that is Frozen must have been daunting, but the team at Disney knew just where to start. Challenged to make the most of their ownership of Marvel, they plundered the depths of the back catalogue to find an obscure 1998 miniseries to adapt.

Suffice to say the story includes very healthy doses of Marvel heroism and Disney magic, crafting a tale that will appeal to pretty much everyone. San Fransokyo (you can guess what its influences are) is stunning, requiring new hardware and software to set a new bar for animation. Each character is full of life and energy, and the the amount of detail is amazing, but ultimately it’s all about Beymax. This squeaky, vinyl, roly-poly character only wants to help, and it’s his simple nature and unique visual that provides the film with its heart.

Many children’s films contain a message of some sort, and Big Hero 6 firmly communicates the idea of teamwork. It may have some moments that will be a bit too much for the very young, but overall it should be applauded for the lesson it provides.

It was ridiculous to label Frozen a ‘girl’s film’, and it would be similarly stupid to do the opposite for this. Both are great modern Disney films, with strong messages about relationships presented in an impressively fun and touching way.

With a big huggable hero, a story that zips along wonderfully hitting all the right emotional notes, and not a catchy song in sight (though the soundtrack is very good), Big Hero 6 definitely continues the trend that began with Bolt in 2008.

P.S Make sure to get to the cinema on time so you don’t miss the Disney short ‘Feast’. Also, stay until the end of the credits! It’s basically a Marvel film after all.

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