Movie Review – Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

I found myself in an odd position with Alan Partridge.

I’d barely taken any notice of the TV or radio shows, yet knew a few quotes and I knew that he was a bit of a tit. Even that wasn’t needed though, as Alpha Papa made for an effective and rather amusing intro to the character.

Though it’s never outright hilarious its mix of 12 year old boy humour and extremely sharp wit left me giggling and smiling wryly throughout.

Perhaps the most important aspect is the running time. The story never drags, though I found the sections inside the radio station funnier than the rest. It avoids any urge to go ‘Hollywood’ and instead focuses on the situations and settings that will lead to maximum opportunities for awkwardness for Alan.

Coogan and Meaney are both particularly good, with a selection of Brit actors backing them up well.

A much loved, inherently British character making the jump to the big screen seemed like a recipe for disaster….like a US Red Dwarf (oh wait they did try that). But it’s not!

If like me you haven’t seen Partridge before, give this a go. If you have, well, I think you’ll do just fine too.

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