Introduction to Web Comics – Part 2

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the suggestions from part one. Here’s part two!


I can’t remember how I stumbled across this, but I’m so glad I did. Yale Stewart completely understands what makes these characters tick. Replacing evil Gods and mad scientists with gym teachers and young love does nothing to effect the effectiveness of the characters. They are all written exactly as you’d expect a younger version of the Justice League too. Watching Bruce pull a batarang from his belt to deal with a party clown screams of what he’ll be doing when he’s grown up. As we’re only up to issue 109 so far this is easy one to get up to speed on too.


Introduced to a this by a friend a year or so ago, I wondered at first if it might be a bit too clever for me. It deals with a lot of maths after all, and I scraped through GCSE. What I found though, was that maths was the tip of the iceberg. XKCD is equally touching and heart felt even though it just uses stick characters. Don’t let the intellect put you off as there is plenty of not just entertaining content here, but a lot of it is thought provoking.

Amazing Super Powers

Harsh but hilarious. Like watching Jimmy Carr, you feel like you shouldn’t laugh but can’t help yourself. ASP is full of surreal situations, and isn’t afraid to tackle any subject. AIDS, cancer, and suicidal sneakers. It’s all there. Make sure to hover your mouse to the right on each strip.

Boxer Hockey

Tyson Hesse has created a sport that I want to play. I don’t think I can give him a higher compliment than that. OK I’ll try. It looks gorgeous and is coloured beautifully. The sport of Boxer Hockey is not what it’s all about though, as the strip is gradually building up the history of the characters and dealing with large overall story arcs. It’s got a lot of heart, whilst throwing in a large chunk of downright weirdness.

So there we have it, a few suggestions to get you going. Feel free to share any you might find yourself or let me know what you think of these.

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