Comic Review – TMNT Universe #2

Catch up on this new IDW series by reading my review of Universe #1 here.

Last month I was very happy with with how, despite the name of the new title, ‘Universe’ was very much centered on the turtles and gave us a lot of time seeing them together.

This month is even better.

If you’re a fan of a very mean and very moody Raphael this is the TMNT comic for you. I’m very used to seeing him throw his weight around and be a bit of a jerk. But is there a moment here where he’s downright scary. He’s reached a possible point of no return. It’s well-written though and makes sense with everything that has happened in this title so far. He’s not being this way for the sake of it.

Speaking of titles, do I know where this story fits in alongside the main title? No idea! But I’m enjoying it a lot.

Mikey explaining the difference between reptiles and amphibians is great. Superficially it looks as though he’s being naive but I don’t think he is anymore. Over the last few months I feel as though there has been real growth for him; he very much knows what sort of turtle he wants to be now and it’s fantastic to see.

Universe isn’t skimping on the violence at the moment. I’m not sure we’ve seen this amount of blood in any TMNT comic. It’s well balanced with quips and dialogue though, which makes for a very entertaining and action packed read that still manages to show off the characters. Well played Mr Allor. I’m really coming round to the art too. Damian Couceiro is nailing it; especially with regards to the action and facial expressions.

What I’m not coming around to is the backup story. I love the idea of a Leonardo solo mission as a back-up. But this is terrible. The dialogue is still as cheesy as a margherita pizza but not tasty at all. The art is way too busy and it all comes across as very muddled.

Universe #2 continues the strong start this title has made and is a very welcome addition by IDW.

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