Comic Review – TMNT Colour Classics: Leonardo

Now this is more like it! With their third release, IDW have not only covered my favourite member of the TMNT, but they have given us the best issue yet. In stark contrast to the previous issues featuring Donatello and Michelangelo, this story is very an important one in continuity of the time, leading me to wanting to read what happened next!
To go too far into the story and it’s conclusion would be ruining it so lets look more at the turtles and how this issue centres on Leonardo.
But just before that. I have to mention how much the TMNT didn’t wear their masks back then! It’s actually quite nice to see them in their ‘civvies’, plus it makes sense. Who would wear their bandanna all the time? The turtles are different shades and shapes now so it would be even easier to do this. It’s a nice touch.
The story juxtaposes the serenity of April, Splinter and the other Turtles decorating their apartment for Christmas (with some nice use of butterfly swords!) against a violent struggle Leonardo finds himself in. The two sides complement each other well, and leads to a very well paced issue.
The panels themselves flow brilliantly and are highly kinetic, giving you a great handle on the night Leo is going through. He’s having a tough time of it, but his dogged determination to see a job through, as well as his skill keeps him moving forward. There is very little dialogue from him, but you sense that he won’t let things lie.
The story actually reminds me quite a it of the first TMNT film, which can only be high praise!
This is my favourite turtle, represented well. It’s a real step up from the previous two issues and they need to release the next one!

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