Comic Review – TMNT #25

“City Fall continues as Shredder reveals his new second-in-command: Leonardo! While the underworld readies their armies, the Turtles must come together if they have any hope of saving their brother. Don’t miss this landmark 25th issue that sees the launch of a full-scale war on New York City! The Savate, Foot Clan, and Slash are all back — along with a couple of shocking special guests!”

First up, check out that cover. Isn’t it lovely? The City Fall arc has so far had a gorgeous run of covers, portraying all the major players. The faded New York City in the background just adds to the scale.

Twenty-five issues. Not only is this milestone itself impressive, but more importantly IDW’s new take on the TMNT has managed it with consistently high quality. Each story arc has been strong within itself whilst still moving the overall story along. A lot of characters have been introduced from various previous versions of the TMNT, and it has all been melded together into what I’d consider to be the definitive take on the heroes in a half shell.

Part 4 of ‘City Fall’ centres on relationships, as all the pieces are put in place for various faction’s plans to come to fruition. Though frequently touching in amongst the violence, this issue could easily have been taken as just treading water before inevitable confrontations. However a surprising ending (well, not so surprising if you’ve also read this month’s Karai villains issue) plus some very tenderly written quieter moments sustain the level of quality we’ve come to expect.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to think of new ways to say “this is great”. The artwork, lettering, colouring and dialogue are all spot on.

That I’ve been looking into buying all the collected issues (10 trade paperbacks so far adding up to nearly £120 worth) when I get sent these to review, should tell you all you need to know.

Here’s to the next twenty-five issues!

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