Comic Review – TMNT #24

“CITY FALL Part 3: With the hunt on for Leonardo, the remaining Turtles take whatever help they can get… but can they trust a truce with Old Hob?! A startling climax will change the Turtles forever!”

As the oldest of four siblings myself, I relate to Leonardo strongly. With a Brother who is good with tech, another who isn’t great when he’s got his back up, and a Sister who (sorry Sis) is looked at as ‘the young one’, you could say I’m the Leo of my own little clan.

Which is why the events of City Fall are hitting me pretty hard. I just can’t imagine ending up in the situation that Leo is currently. Sure we’ve had spats. Who doesn’t? But standing up against them all? That’s some rough stuff right there. Add in your Father to the mix and it makes for a very dramatic issue.

Over the last two issues we’ve witnessed Leo’s kidnapping, and turn to the dark side due to Kitsune (damn you witch!). This month we get the reveal, as the Brothers and Splinter come to rescue him, with the help of Old Hob.

Luckily, Hob does provide some humour to the story, and the reaction of our heroes when he asks them a fairly obvious question is priceless, as is the look on his face.

When the moment comes, it is still shocking. You know it’s all leading up to it, and I found myself actually not wanting to go to the next page, as I knew that what I was about to see I wouldn’t like at all. There are still a few surprising moments though, both in and out of the main story, which should both keep you on your toes and bring a smile to your face.

Every month I bask in the glow of this teams work. I’m still amazed how Mateus Santolouco and Ronda Pattison manage to create such beautiful work each month on time. Eastman, Curnow, and Waltz’s story and dialogue continues to impress. A shout out to Shawn Lee too, as letterers don’t often get the credit they deserve.

My main love in comics is Batman, and though Snyder/Capullo are doing a great job, I’d have to give the nod to this team, who have the large arcs moving along well whilst giving us plenty of smaller moments. Of course I impatiently each month’s new issue, but I never feel as though things are being held back on dragged out.

I’ve said it all before, but this team must be one of the best in comics right now.

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