Comic Review – TMNT #19

OK, I’m getting used to this off-world setting now. I had my doubts, but so far this is turning out to be a good introduction to TMNT world outside of New York. No doubt this is helped by some strong writing and nice art. Check out that cover. Bates knows how to capture energy in them and it helps in getting you pumped for the contents.

The single biggest positive thing is the way that Krang has been portrayed. Like most bad guys in the 90’s cartoon he was a threat, and clearly intelligent, but had a touch of comedy about him. His ‘suit’ looked silly (I know! Sacrilege!), and he whined a lot. Not anymore! This Krang is quite a piece of work, and is drawn with that in mind. His snarling, tentacle covered face oozes viciousness, whilst his suit is loaded with weaponry and looks ready out a pasting. A story can only be as good as its villain, and this case we’re on solid ground.
We do get some moments with Karai (who reminds me of characters from ‘Mark of the Ninja’ – check that game out!) as well as April, Casey and Splinter. But the focus is very much on Krang and The Turtles, who have built up a good relationship with the Neutrino Resistance. Some levity is provided by Mikey fawning over the Princess, which had both me and his Brothers rolling our eyes. He means well though.
This arc appears to nearing a crescendo, and puts the Turtles in the positions we would expect. Donatello is working with Chet, whilst the other three go to war. Raphael is at home here, and you can tell he is enjoying himself. Leonardo and Michelangelo (my favourite two) do what Ninja’s do best, and have worked their way into Krang’s stronghold. Could #20 hurry up please? I want to know what happens!!

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