Thoughts and thanks

Hi there!

With a new and very busy year beginning I’ve got a few things I’d like to say.

Firstly thank you to everyone who has read anything here and then shared it on Facebook or Twitter. I don’t have many followers in either, so it’s really cool when people deem it worthy of sharing.I really appreciate every kind word…and even some of the bad ones!

It would be great this year to start getting some comments on the posts. I know people come on here and read it, so please share what you think! Do you agree? Disagree vehemently? Was it useful in deciding on a film? Let me know as I honestly want to hear from you. So it isn’t just me telling you stuff.

I’m giving serious though to changing the rating system. If I do I’ll go back through and update everything. How Super Duper is something.

I do this as an outlet for my opinion, and because I enjoy writing. So I’ll keep it up and will try to see as much as I can to keep the posts coming. I’ll be posting about both new and old films as I see them. I’ll keep on with the comics too. They don’t get as many views it seems (from the limited stats I can see), but I write them for FM anyway so no harm.

Lastly, a question for you. Any ideas?

I’ve got ideas for other types of article, such as favourite films, web comics, and possibly an interview! Maybe a game or two? There must be some bright minds who have ideas, so please share them. Or I might just keep going as is. Let me know in the comments.

So, thanks to everyone so far. Take it easy.


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  1. You could review more music mate. I'd probably disagree vehemently, of course, but that's the beauty of preference!! If we all liked the same thing, I couldn't pretend my taste was better 😉


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