Movie Review – Thor: The Dark World

The Dark World finds itself in a very awkward position. I wanted to see more Heimdall and Loki. I wanted more of the Warriors Three and I wanted more Kat Dennings! I get all of that, but it’s at the expense of really understanding both the villain – beyond ‘he’s evil so he does evil things’ – and Thor’s relationship with Jane Foster.

The action is impressive and there is plenty of humour. I’m just not sure what the story was trying to get at. Lots of strands are picked up and not seen through fully. Unsurprisingly the strand given the most time involves Loki, and his relationship with his family. Hiddleston clearly adores the role but I fear saturation.

Watching ‘meow meow’ fly around London is very cool, and there are some surprising revelations. Sadly none of them involve the villain and his putty patrol dark elves, which ultimately left me empty. Whilst this is an entertaining film and a solid entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it could have been more. I got everything I wanted, but what do I know?

Second Viewing – 10 Months Later

Maybe it says a lot that it took me so long to buy TDW on Blu. I just didn’t feel any particular need for it. So as we sat down to watch I wondered if I’d be changing the review. Turns out I had it fairly well judged.

It’s a decent film, but Guardians of the Galaxy does ‘maniacal evil looking villain with trusted right hand man’ better. I did enjoy the final fight and the Loki/Thor banter a hell of a lot though.

There is a strong set up for Thor 3 here. I just hope they really run with it. What was once the most risky Marvel project has now become pretty standard in a world of humanoid raccoons. We need more.

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