This Means War

Stupidly entertaining but ultimately forgettable sums this one up. If you expected anything more from McG, whose previous credits include Terminator Salvation and Charlie’s Angels, then you will be sorely disappointed.

Bane and Kirk are both better than this, but though the situation is laughable they do a good job conveying the friendship between their characters FDR and Tuck. On the other hand, I’m not sure Witherspoon was the right choice. She just didn’t strike me as someone that secret agents would go mental and nearly ruin their friendship over.

Scenes involving the two agents using increasingly advanced methods of spying and sabotage are amusing, as is FDR’s response to his co-workers when they question his motives (Patriot Act). The ending is neatly tied up in a bow though I wasn’t sure how it would end up which was quite pleasing.

This Means War if full of pretty people doing cool things, but overall it is all very contrived and won’t stay with you. But you could do far worse on a Friday night.

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