Movie Review – The World’s End

As a lover of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, I sat down for the last film in the Cornetto Trilogy – The World’s End – with mixed emotions. I was excited as Wright, Pegg, and Frost had delivered two very funny yet very different films. Could they do it again? Or would this be one fence jump too many?Phew. It might not hit the heights of Hot Fuzz, but it is immediately as good as Shaun, and may take second place once I pick up the blu-ray. If you enjoyed the previous films there is a lot for you here.

Following a failed attempt at ‘The Golden Mile’, a group of school friends go their separate ways. One however, has clung to his youth, and now drags the others back for another attempt. Little do they know that they’ve stepped into a situation which is much more about the future than their past.

Simon Pegg’s Gary King has to be one of the most detestable yet funny characters I’ve come across. His unflinching attitude towards life rightly frustrates his old friends and I found myself gasping as much as laughing at his actions. This time round Nick Frost takes the straight man role, and he and the rest of the strong cast do a great job following in Pegg’s wake, building a back story and believable relationships.

If you aren’t a fan of drunken profanity you may want to give this a miss. There is a lot of swearing, but personally I found the characters increasing belligerence endearing. Mixed in amongst the pints are surprisingly well-staged fights scenes, which appear to show the gang becoming more skilled the more inebriated they become!

Anyone who has seen the trailers will know that some old jokes make a welcome return, whilst the film offers up plenty of amusing references, from The Warriors to John Cleese.

It’s been a while since I’ve shared so much laughter with an audience , some of whom even applauded. Everyone left in a great mood and you feel that it will only get stronger with repeated viewings. You don’t need to be drunk to enjoy this Cornetto. 

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