The Secret Life of Pets

System of a Down loving dogs. Crazy bunnies. Cats that just don’t care. All in an apartment block and living a life we’re not aware of when we’re at work.┬áThe trailers for The Secret Life of Pets had a lot going for them. If only that was the story that we got.

It looks very pretty and it’s quite funny. The biggest thing however is the way the animals are portrayed; animal lovers will find a lot to nudge each other and say ‘that’s exactly right!’.

I couldn’t shake the feeling it was reminding me of something though. It wasn’t sitting well; as though it was a pale imitation of something. Then my wife hit the nail on the head.

Toy Story.┬áThis isn’t a comparison piece but think it over for a bit.

There was a better story here. Unfortunately the one they went with was derivative. It’s an entertaining enough film for an evening but it won’t stick in the memory for long.

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