The Expendables 2


Basic plot? Check
Additional 80’s action heroes? Check
Another 80’s star as the villain? Check
Plenty of violence and hero banter? Check and Check
As you can see, Expendables 2 has all the bases covered. It also does it much better than its predecessor, which it proceeds to trounce in its first 10 minutes.

For me the first film seemed really cheap, and the villains somewhat unconvincing. The sequel however seems much better screwed together.

Really all we’re here for is seeing the assembled mass of action stars, and it doesn’t disappoint. The new additions are somewhat shoehorned in, but everyone is game and plays their part with gusto. However old they get, and however much they creak, it’s good fun to see this much testosterone on screen together. The action scenes themselves are much stronger this time, though unfortunately we still have to watch Stallone try to run…

If you go in only wanting some entertainment you won’t be disappointed. It’s a dumb but enjoyable enough romp with a series of ageing stars. You don’t really get action films like this nowadays so it scratches an itch.
Personally I’m quite looking forward to seeing who they can convince to join them next.

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