Movie Review – Storks

I’m rarely in the car to listen to Mark Kermode on a Friday afternoon. Generally I respect and agree with him on films. For example, we both share a mutual appreciation for Starred Up.

I knew we would be watching Storks as my wife and I both liked the look of the trailer. Mark however, wasn’t a big fan. Funny in places but overall he didn’t seem that taken with it.

Mark Kermode is wrong as these Storks have delivered a very entertaining package.

There’s a lot to like bit it essentially comes down to Andy Samberg. I love The Lonely Island, whilst Brooklyn Nine Nine is one of my favourite TV shows. His style of humour and line delivery sits perfectly with me. I think he might be my spirit animal. So the film was immediately on decent footing.

Storks is a very pacy and quickfire film that, despite being centred around babies and storks, is actually more about parenthood. Story elements that I thought would drag on through the film and be blindingly obvious were dealt with pleasingly early, allowing it to move on from that point and touch on fresher ideas.

Six laugh test? My wife and I both laughed inappropriately loudly several times. I even had to put my hand over my mouth to stop being loud. We can blame Pigeon Toady and the wolves for that.

It’s so much fun! I don’t often literally ‘LOL’ in a cinema, let alone this many times. You should definitely sign for this delivery.

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