Star Wars Rebels – The Finale

I’ve seen very few TV shows from beginning to end. Even fewer of those have been watched as they aired.

So Star Wars Rebels finds itself in a rarefied group. I distinctly remember deciding that I’d see this one through to the end, especially as I’d missed all of The Clone Wars. With the Disney acquisition fresh in everyone’s minds, I wanted to be fully up to date on at least one aspect of the new canon.

I expected it to be decent. I mean, it has lightsabers in it. What I didn’t expect was for Rebels to become one of my favourite parts of Star Wars.

Between it’s overall quality, and how it taught me to readjust my thoughts on what ‘filler’ is, it’s become pretty special, with the final two episodes typifying the more positive aspects.

At first I thought I was going to jump heavily into spoilers and a series of ‘did you see that!’ moments. But as I sit back and think about it, I’m left smiling. I did get very emotional during it all, having watched Ezra and the crew of the Ghost go through so much. I was also extremely, and pleasantly, surprised by how fitting the final moments were, and how the epilogue gave us a tease for the future. 

Perhaps I’d have liked a more final finale, but the thought of characters still floating around out there is exciting. Dave Filoni has set things up in such a way that these characters have had their time to shine in the galaxy, but don’t impact anything we already know about the Original Trilogy; a tricky balancing act considering the interactions they’ve had.

One of the most important positives of the last two episodes is how it uses themes and pieces from across the four season in such a way that you’re left knowing that even some of the episodes that I wasn’t so keen on at the time, were vital. Nature versus technology, differing interpretations of the force, how there can be factions within factions, and ultimately how one person can make a difference. We’ve seen these themes before but there was a special focus to them all here. 

Overshadowing all of this is that Rebels introduced the TIE Defender into official Star Wars canon. It’s been my favourite ship for a long time (shout out to the TIE Fighter PC fans), so seeing it so much and it’s place in the story being explained makes me extremely happy.

I’m going to miss the show. But in Filoni I trust. Hopefully we’ll see what he is up to next. In a time when the cinematic entries are seemingly becoming more divisive, I think we can agree that from a small point of view, Star Wars Rebels has left us in a great position.


On a personal note, this is the last time I’ll be reviewing a TV show. The commitment has become too great over the past year so I’ve decided I won’t be taking on anything else in Rebel’s place. I hope you’ve enjoyed them.

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