Movie Review – Silver Linings Playbook

I’ve never really bought into the idea of ‘normal’ people. Everyone has their issues and is messed up in some way. It’s why The Simpsons is so popular.

In the same way that you can relate to Bart and Homer, who are far from perfect, Silver Linings Playbook is full of characters who are just as damaged and mucked up as most of us are. Russell has crafted a film that moves between humour and sadness with ease whilst never making us judge.

A true melding of a sharp yet thoughtful script and a cast who all bring their best to the table.Scenes with the entire family resonate strongly, as they convey the manic nature of such gatherings and the arguments that come with it; with emotions boiling over and everyone scrambling to be heard. Maybe that just says a lot about my family.Not only was I engrossed, but I so badly wanted things to end well. Though not similar in tone, Argo comes to mind as a film where I also felt strongly about a positive resolution. In lesser hands this could have just been an average rom-com, with a ‘crazy people’ spin. Here however, it’s a look at accepting others, however imperfect, as well coming to terms with who you are. A heart-warming look at damaged psyches and relationships.

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