Movie Review – Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

How did it get this far? We live in a world where Dredd can’t get a sequel but Sharknado is on its third outing since 2013. Sometimes I question the Human Race. But then I realise that if it wasn’t for people like me thinking ‘I need to see how preposterous this gets’, then there’d be no market for The Asylum and their distinct brand of movie. Maybe I should be questioning myself.

How preposterous does it get then? We’ve already had the original Sharknado attack Los Angeles, whilst multiple Sharknadoes hit New York in the sequel. Wanton destruction and many a minor celebrity have been destroyed or eaten, so whilst I’m not completely surprised by the moves this threequel makes, I am surprised that they’ve got there so soon.

Sharknado 3 launches itself wholeheartedly into a situation so ludicrous that it can’t leave much for the already announced sequel to do bar time travel. It did however make for a film more entertaining than its predecessors. To qualify that, you need to be in the right frame of mind to be entertained by this film. Be prepared for anything with your best eye rolling ready and you’ll make it through.

Sadly I didn’t know who the majority of cameos were this time, but the ones I did recognise were impressive. Admittedly this is from the point of view of a child of the late 80’s and 90’s so your mileage with the various ‘stars’ may vary. There are plenty of deaths regardless, with the sharks still managing to fly into spaces they have no right to; it’s nonsense for sure but at times amusing.

You might be getting the impression that I have a soft spot for this film, and whilst I’ll confidently say it’s the best one, I’ll also point out that that it’s awful on almost every level. From the purposely shoddy CGI, to the purposely shoddy calibre of acting, to the purposely shoddy dialogue, it goes out of its way to be shoddy. Did I mention it was shoddy?

Sharknado has made ‘so bad it’s good’ mainstream, but where can it possibly go next? They literally jumped the shark in the second film and have pushed the third past any sort of realistic concept. Maybe the public vote regarding a main character’s demise will keep the interest levels up, but the makers of this shockingly bad series may have shot themselves in the foot.

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