Resident Evil: Vendetta – Movie Review

Resident Evil: Vendetta

Can anyone make a good Resident Evil film?

The only similarity the recent series of films have to the games, bar the bastardised characters it used, was it’s ability to stay alive. Terrible film after terrible film was released to critical head shots, yet each film proved more resistant than the mightiest B.O.W.s.

Capcom have gone the the other way with their two computer generated tales, slavishly emulating the pattern of the games to such an extent that they feel pointless.

That trend does not end with Resident Evil: Vendetta.

The story is obvious. The dialogue is cringy. If you’re not called Chris, Leon or Rebecca you’re out of luck, and even these series stalwarts are treated poorly. The CG is pretty good, until you get to the mouths. They’re weird; like the animators weren’t sure how much they needed to move to make a word. People rarely dress appropriately and it doesn’t add anything to the series it belongs to.

On the plus side there is a some cool gun fighting. It’s like someone watched Equilibrium and John Wick, then smashed them together. Chris and Leon both use moves from their respective games too. Nice to see their personalities reflected in their fighting. At least in that sense Vendetta gets something right, because it doesn’t do much else.

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