Pokédex Entry #3 – Still Going!

When I wrote the second Pokédex entry in September I wasn’t sure if there would be a third. No longer was I bumping into people at lunchtime playing the game (easily recognisable) and the weather was no longer so conducive to long walks.

Well, here we are! The nights are longer and the weather has gone from pleasant to arctic but I’m still here. Not as strongly as I was but I’m still attempting to catch ’em all.

It’s not been without its difficulties though. There was a three week spell where we didn’t play. My wife was no longer my co-pilot and the app wasn’t on my home screen anymore.

Niantic have not made themselves many friends with their seemingly odd ways of dealing with users. UI updates may look nice but they didn’t fix anything. Communication was patchy at best too. Sure, the servers were stable, but it was getting boring. I couldn’t be bothered.

But then they ran the Halloween event.

Buddy walking distances slashed and ghost Pokèmon all over the shop. I logged back in as I knew this was my chance to get a Gengar. There were so many Ghastlys around that we got ourselves two. There were even some Cubones! I managed to get a few I was nowhere near through this time.

Most of my fellow work Go’ers had abandoned the game but I managed to get one colleague back. Since then we might not go out for the long walks we did in the summer but we have both been levelling up and letting each other know what is going on. That came in very handy when he found that a GOD DAMN BLASTOISE was milling around outside the office. I’ve never moved so fast.

This was followed by a week of double XP in late November. I used this time (and a lucky egg for 30 minutes of x4 XP!) to work my way up to level 26. My collection is looking pretty good too. However there are still problems.

Just this week a new tracking system was implemented. Informing you which Pokèmon are near Pokèstops in the vicinity is helpful. Selecting it on the map and it point out where the stop is helpful too. I don’t think footsteps mean anything anymore as a Dratini I was after popped up as I got to the stop. Still, it appears to be a reliable system that gives me a direction to walk in at least.

But what if there are no stops nearby What if you’re in a rural area?

The shops near my workplace are rather busy.

You’re stuffed, reduced to walking around aimlessly and crossing your fingers. I’ve seen plenty of Tweets to confirm this. Perhaps a mix of the old system and the new would be best?

Not being an avid gym trainer, the amount of revives and potions I get is frustrating. I know they need to cater for all players but I just I could say “just balls please”.

What’s next then? I’ve got about 20 left to catch, most of which I haven’t even seen. I hadn’t seen a Snorlax before he hatched out of a 10k’er so who knows when I’ll get some of these more elusive ‘mons. I’ve got my co-pilot so we’ll just have to see.

In terms of new features I assume that after a Christmas event of some variety we’ll be seeing Generation 2 Pokèmon introduced. That’s quite a jump in monsters to catch. I do wonder what will get sidelined to fit them in.

I would like there to be more options for my trainer. More clothes please! But more importantly Niantic need to keep us engaged. More events please. We’re so far past getting satisfaction from catching Pidgeys now we’d just as well be in Indigo Plateau.

Level 26! More balls and less revives though please.

The fuss has died down now. Only the people who really want to play are left. So make it count or the game will be truly dead.

Caught – 126, Seen – 130


P.S. – Niantic have now mentioned that you’ll soon be able to transfer multiple Pokemon to Professor Willow in one go. Better late than never.

P.P.S. – There will be an announcement on the 12th December regarding new Pokemon being added! Busy times ahead.

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