One Year of Super Duper Stuff

Hello there,
Initially I thought about making a big song and dance about this blog running for a year.
But I couldn’t think of anything clever to do! Cue those who know me not being surprised at all.

A year ago today I posted my review for The Amazing Spider-Man. Prompted by reading reviews on the internet that I wasn’t too keen on, I thought that instead of moaning I’d give it a go myself.

Anyway, thank you for all the support. The share, likes and retweets are all awesome and I’m very grateful.

The support I’ve received from Gary Collinson and his Flickering Myth website has been invaluable. Not just for the discs I’ve been sent but the camaraderie with the whole team.

Special thanks go to Yale Stewart and Mateus Santolouco for your time. It was very cool to speak to you both, plus your interviews introduced a lot of new readers to the blog.

Last but not least, thanks to Laura for putting up with me every time I’ve said “Not yet, I just need to write this review”. Means a lot.

14,000 views later….Here’s to another year!

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