Movie Review – Nightcrawler


At first I thought Nightcrawler was presenting us with a group of morally grey characters.

But no. It’s not grey at all. First time Director Dan Gilroy (who also wrote it) exudes confidence as he gives us a group of characters who either through choice or inaction allow terrible things to happen. Heinous acts are committed as ratings are deemed important enough to condone ever more gruesome ‘journalism’. It’s a thrilling and at times oddly funny tale that drew me in.

A thrilling and at times oddly funny tale

Then there’s Jake Gyllenhaal. His slender frame slinks through the film, skirting along and sometimes crashing through the boundaries of decency and morality as his character Lou Bloom finally finds something he’s good at, and goes all in. Though Lou is never presented as a good person, I found myself urging him on at first. He’s clearly not the best with other people and maybe he just needed a break. But as the film and his behaviour progresses it only becomes more apparent how reprehensible he is.

I let Nightcrawler slip past me in the cinema. Don’t let it slip past you.

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