Movie Review – Nativity!

It’s December, so time to get onto the Christmas films! Can Nativity! make its way onto the list of films that get watched every time this year?

In a lot of ways it reminds me School of Rock. The kids are amusing and each gets their moment to shine. I found the more sincere moments between Freeman’s Mr Maddens and the children to be the most compelling. The youngsters aren’t striving for anything more, they are kids being kids and it really works. The adult relationships are not so good, being both obvious and hackneyed, though as this is a film aimed squarely at the little ones maybe that’s a bit harsh.

Freeman does a good job at looking thoroughly exasperated but otherwise the film just falls in to filling the gaps with well known British faces, as many a Brit film does. I cannot figure out if Wootton is great or incredibly annoying, but that is more to do with the way his character is written.

Though there are individual parts that are amusing the whole film doesn’t really come together.

I’m usually pretty good at buying into a film and rolling with it, but I couldn’t help but wonder how they would ever gotten away with the things they do in this film. Putting children in some dangerous situations and forging forms. It’s a health and safety nightmare!

A well-intentioned yet scruffy affair, Nativity! made for an entertaining one time watch but it won’t be joining the group of must see Christmas films, which remains A Muppet’s Christmas Carol and Home Alone.

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