Movie Review – Passengers


Well done trailer guy. Or perhaps I should say screw you trailer man.

Whoever you are you did a bang up job of selling me on Passengers. You earned your money. It looked exciting, with great chemistry between Lawrence and Pratt. Plus there was mystery! I was ready and willing to board the Avalon.

Lies I say! OK not completely; the chemistry was there. If it hadn’t been for the visuals and two in form actors doing a good job though there would be nothing here to get into.   

It just sort of…exists. My initial investment and excitement gave way as the film went on. It never became boring but I kept expecting something big to happen. It did not.

Most films leave me with some feelings. Joy, disgust, something. Rarely utter indifference. The director also worked on The Imitation Game, a film that elicited extremely strong emotions from me. So it was surprising to find this so superficial that it’s been a week since I watched the film and I nearly forgot to review it! It just didn’t stick at all.

Ultimately Passengers is a very forgetful journey and a waste of the talent involved.

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