Movie Review – Logan


Hugh Jackman’s time as Wolverine¬†covers the entire comic book movie era. From the X-Men’s leather-clad beginnings, through to his explosive cameo in Apocalypse, it’s fitting that his final appearance proves the benefits of the new adult themed and rated films.

With brutal violence that ticks every box amidst a story that also manages to be thoughtful and poignant, Logan is unlike any ‘X’ film we’ve seen before. Jackman is immense as a more emotionally withdrawn and spent individual, but it could easily be argued that Keen and Stewart steal the show. The bad guys seemingly spend most of their time exiting vehicles and we don’t find out much about them, but it’s not their film. This is ultimately Logan’s story and the most is made of it.

I didn’t want Jackman to hang up the claws. I wanted him to stick around and crossover with Deadpool. Now though? He can leave the role knowing he’s left it all on the table. You’ll be missed Hugh but you’ve went out having made your best Wolverine film.

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