Movie Review – La La Land

La La Land

I’m a very emotional person. I empathise with characters in even the shittest of films.

So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I was swept up in La La Land.

But I can’t quite put into words what I’m feeling having watched it. The film has been reviewed to death already so I doubt I’m adding anything new. So rather than create some very carefully planned explanation as to why I found this such a stunning piece of cinema, I’ll just throw some thoughts out there.

Ryan Gosling is so effortlessly cool it almost comes across as lazy. Bastard. When that facade breaks and he appears surprised or confused by something it’s adorable. Between this, The Nice Guys and Drive he’s becoming a favourite of mine.

Emma Stone is stunning. So damn natural about everything.

Sometimes you can’t carefully and thoughtfully explain why you think something is great

I was moved. I welled up. I got excited. I cheered. I hissed. I would have flipped a table were I near one. Emotional roller coaster? Cheesy but correct.

Halfway through I realised I was playing air piano and tapping my feet. I continued to do so for the rest of the film.

I love a bit of tap dancing.

Damien Chazelle is two months older than me. How he’s this impressive at this age I do not know. It would be embarrassing were I not so in awe of both this and Whiplash.

Sometimes you can’t carefully and thoughtfully explain why you think something is great. It just is due to how it made you feel. This is not the greatest review I’ve ever written. But it should at least be full of feelings. Just like La La Land is.

Now I’m going to listen the soundtrack.

Note – The soundtrack is now in the car and I listen to it at work on Spotify. Looking forward to watching the film again soon.

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