Men in Black 3

I never really got the fuss about Men in Black. The first film was quite entertaining, yet the second was poor. The effects were clever and the aliens were amusing, plus Smith and Jones had good chemistry. But it was never mind blowing.

┬áThis third entry could have been a sub-par cash-in or just plain dull very easily. But it is given a significant boost by Josh Brolin as his casting as the younger Agent K is superb, and his performance brilliant. He is exactly what you’d imagine the character to be like 40 years earlier.
The first film had a fresh feeling and alien introductions to surprise us, so whilst that is lacking Brolin makes up for it.
Bolgodite villain Boris the Animal (played by Flight of the Conchords Jemaine Clement) is a decent enough villain and challenge for our heroes, though I spent the entire film thinking he looked and sounded Tim Curry crossed with Hugo Weaving. Not a bad thing I suppose!
As in the previous films, the aliens and weapons are very imaginative and well crafted. Being a fan of practical effects, I was pleased to see it used where possible.
MIB3 is entertaining in very much the same way as the original film. But for me it has a similar effect to the agents neuralyzer. It won’t stay in the memory for long.

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