Magnificent Seven

This Western remake is a stylish and entertaining movie. Unfortunately it stops short of being anything more as it’s also very hollow.

Nothing feels earned. A general lack of backstory for undermines any feelings the story is asking me to have. Good people. Bad people. Bad looking people that are good really. It’s all pretty obvious.

Character development aside however it’s a stunning film. The Seven look badass and there are some beautiful vistas. The old-school action is supremely staged too.

Denzel is typical Denzel; you know he’ll always deliver the goods. D’Onofrio is quietly intimidating whilst Byung-hun mixes an intimidating stare with moments of humour. Massive kudos for such a racially diverse cast. I’m not sure it makes sense but I liked it.

I struggled with one member of the cast though and I was surprised by it.

I love you Chris Pratt but I really need to see some variation from you! Guardians, Jurassic World and now this. You’re a lovable rogue in all three and it fits you like a glove. Just be careful as you’re risking it being your only trick.

A mixed affair but still a good night at the movies.

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