Movie Review – Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Kingsman is now a known entity. With the intoxicating freshness of the first film behind us, a sequel was always going to be risky. As good as it was, and as good as the trailers looked, could it’s hyper-violent and profanity strewn style wears thin?

The Golden Circle definitely deserves credit for not being scared. There are plenty of call-backs and it’s all very much in the same vein, making for a thoroughly entertaining film. But it does take some things too far, and I’m not talking about its style. Oddly, willingness to ‘go there’, and not shying away from making bold story decisions are my issues with it. If you think watching the trailer has given you a solid grasp of the story, think again.

I don’t agree with all of it’s decisions, but I do commend it for making them

I nearly made this a spoiler-filled review. God knows I could go on for a while about several scenes. But essentially it boils down to this – Kingsman: The Golden Circle is in many ways a fantastic follow up. It moves the world and characters forward, adds new facets to the strengths of its predecessor, and leaves things open for the future. It also makes you think a little. I don’t agree with all of it’s decisions, but I do commend it for making them.

Egerton and Strong are the basis for everything and they’re fantastic. I particularly love that Eggsy hasn’t lost everything from his past, and we get to see more of Merlin’s character this time round. If you loved the first film, you shouldn’t have many concerns.

A good suit builds on the wearer’s strengths. The Kingsman franchise’s style might be a bit strong for some, but there’s no denying it knows what fits.

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