Comic Review – Judge Dredd #4

When I reviewed issue #3 last month, I wondered if Dredd was hitting its stride. So now that I’ve read #4. Is it?

Well….this isn’t going to be the longest of reviews, as the issue wraps up the first arc pretty sharpish. The main story is only 15 pages long, which is enough time to show Dredd getting out of his predicament, kill a few bad guys, and the reader be posed with an interesting question.
Beyond that there really isn’t much to say without spoiling the details. Dredd retains his badass status, shaking off a couple of pretty bad injuries to get the job done.
I did get a bit confused with what was going on in some of the action scenes, but that may have been as much to do with the large watermarks IDW place on review copies as it is the art. Speaking of the art, even though it can quite simple I like it overall, and can see why it was chosen. It’s got a straightforward nature about it which suits the characters and location well.
The backup story follows on from the main, and might lead into future stories. It follows Judge Tarjay – whose clone caused a fair bit of trouble for Dredd – as he struggles to find out what has happened to him. Reminded me quite a bit of Memento, with Tarjay finding notes on his body. But are the telling him the right stuff?
We also have another piece on the final page delving into Dredd’s history. This month touches upon the subject of clones (nicely tied in) and talks about Dredd’s Brother Rico. Like in #3 I really dig this look at the past. Not only do I learn a bit, but it shows a clear reverence.
Dredd #4 closes the current story convincingly whilst still leaving the door ajar for future tales. It’s been a pretty successful start so far, and has raised a few interesting points whilst introducing Dredd. Here’s hoping for a longer, meatier story next.

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