Movie Review – John Wick

100 word reviews provide a challenge I relish, condensing my thoughts and feelings into a digestible spoiler free experience for you.

Sorry, but this can’t be a 100 word review. I can’t be as succinct as the main character of what is my favourite action film since 2008’s Taken. It’s too damn good!

The main reason is Keanu Reeves, perfectly cast as the legendary contract killer John Wick. He’s provided with ample reason to stylishly work his way – via bullet to the face – through a large amount of bad guys. For a 50 year old he’s in fantastic shape, summoning up his Matrix skills (one of the directors was his Neo stunt double) to be really damn entertaining. Each action sequence has been crafted by a team who really understand what they’re up to. Shots track the action and don’t cut too quickly. You can see who is doing what and it’s a lot of fun.

The world this story of hitmen and gangsters is set in is shown and not told. You can imagine every character continuing on with their lives just off screen. We don’t need to be hit over the head with details and origins when we get everything we need. Sure it’s a bit clunky at times, and I wish the final fight had a bit more too it, but I was so entertained that I let those things go with ease.

One point I need to make known is that it’s brilliant to see the protagonist just get stuck in. He isn’t talking, or shooting people in the chest when he should be head-shotting them. An applaudable lack of tossing about.

Never was a more deserving bunch of bad guys shot in the face. John Wick is a must-see. I’ve already seen it twice and will do again.

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