Iron Man 3 in 100 Words

In looking to improve my own writing, I’ve been speaking to fellow writers over at Flickering Myth and decided to try and write a review in 100 words. Was I up to the challenge?

Kicking off Marvel’s ‘Phase 2’, Iron Man Three is not only packed with action and witty banter, but subverts your expectations to great effect. Following his heroics in The Avengers, Tony Stark is a troubled man. His erratic behaviour threatens his relationship with sweetheart Pepper and brings the full force of The Mandarin upon him. Sans suit for most of the film, Tony’s relationships (new and old), entertain as well as propel the narrative. Proving that post Avengers you don’t need the whole gang to thrive, Iron Man Three shows real growth; for the character, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What did you think? Let me know.

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