Insidious – Movie Review

I was expecting good things from this one, but ultimately felt let down.
The first half is tense and really plays on your expectations effectively. There are some decent jumps and you spend it watching for things to go wrong.
Unfortunately the second half ruins it all. The best analogy I can think of is that when you saw Alien for the first time, the Xenomorph was a terrifying, deadly and mysterious presence. By the time we got to Resurrection, they have become characters themselves. Once you see the strings being pulled it stops being scary.
The cast do a good job, and I think the parents in particular are written well. They reminded me very much of how I think my partner and I would react. It’s also an interesting idea. But the script let its down, and it’s never good when you start laughing at the antagonist.
Definitely a film of two halves. Sometimes insidious, sometimes insipid.

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