He’s buggered it up.

Last night I finally finished Jessica Jones. I enjoyed it; both for being suitably different to the more straight-up superhero premise of Daredevil and for being so well written and acted.

I’ve always got a lot of time for characters that make reasonable decisions on the information they have. Even when they make rash ones, at least make them consistent with the character and the situation. Jones does both.

But that’s not the point of this quick post.

My main takeaway from Jessica Jones is this…


This guy.

purple man






Has ruined this guy.







Damn you Tennant for being awesome. With you’re awesome hair, great use of English slang (wanker, bugger, etc) and general brilliance.

Maybe in time I’ll be able to look at 10 properly. But right now all I can imagine is him creepily saying ‘Jessica….’.

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