Movie Review – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Go in expecting more of the same and you’ll be disappointed by Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Fortunately that’s a good thing. A really good thing.

Do you think Drax’s brutal honesty is hilarious? You’ll love him even more.

Do you think Baby Groot is cute? You’re in for a treat.

What you won’t expect, and it won’t matter that I’m telling you this, is how emotional you’ll find it all.

With the first film setting such a high bar it would be easy to try and do the same thing again. Banter + music = profit. You’d probably please a lot of people too. But James Gunn knows better, and has taken this group of misfits so much further than I thought he could.

Vol. 2 takes the characters we love, adds a few more, and then tears them all down

Vol. 2 takes the characters we love, adds a few more, and then tears them all down. Thrown together under an immensely stressful situation, they pulled it out of the bag and saved the galaxy. But like a holiday romance transitioning to real life, the cracks are going to show when they’re living in each other’s pockets and more everyday (relatively speaking) stress is applied. That stress shows itself constantly, but it’s used extremely well; it takes us deeper into each character, giving us not only newer relationships but fresh views of existing ones that are unexpected yet completely true to them. Vol. 1 will be a different experience now.

This is one of the better Marvel films. It can be dark and heartbreaking. But it can also be uplifting and hilarious.

Plus the songs are cool.

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