Movie Review – Gravity

To think I nearly missed out on this experience. That is the best word for Gravity, an experience. I’m not sure it’s a film I’ll watch again, as a home set-up wouldn’t do it justice. But I’m glad I did.

I’m not sure if you can see it in 2D, but it doesn’t matter. This is how 3D should be used, making its mark without ever being intrusive. When it did come to the fore however it made me flinch and feel very involved.

Clooney is exactly the guy you would want to have with you in the terrible situation the main characters find themselves in. Charming and confident. A serious Buzz Lightyear perhaps. But we know Clooney can act. If anyone had any doubts about Sandra Bullock, and you shouldn’t by now, then they should be dispelled with this performance. Though the film rather hits you over the head with reborn metaphors (foetal positions, phoenixes and fish from the primordial immediately struck me), we are reminded that however impressive our technology, it is our own strength that will drive us to survive.

When I think of technically stunning films Jurassic Park always springs to mind. It still makes me believe that Dinosaurs exist. Gravity is on the same level. The uninterrupted shots, limited sound, and 3D come together excellently. It’s a technical marvel.

At only 90 minutes the story doesn’t drag on. It makes its point and it makes it strongly. I was late to the party on seeing this, so I’m not sure how long you have to go see it. But please do.

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