Movie Review – Gone Girl

What a film for my wife and I to watch on the weekend of our first wedding anniversary! This won’t be a long review as Gone Girl is so full of intrigue and interesting moments that I won’t risk spoiling anything. Go in as fresh as you can.

Ben Affleck’s alpha male Nick Dunne comes home on the day of his fifth wedding anniversary to Rosamund Pike’s Amy, to find her missing. Suspicion falls on him when it appears he knows very little about his wife’s life and some unfortunate decisions and situations leave him looking a less than perfect husband.

The story kept me enthralled throughout its near two and a half hour run time, and really picks up where most stories end. Exaggerating the idea of what can really be going on under the veneer of a perfect marriage it might just make you wonder what’s going on in your partners head.

Make sure to catch it somewhere with a decent sound system too. The score isn’t immediately obvious but adds another strong layer on top of that provided by both the performances of the cast and the direction of Fincher.

Gone Girl is an intriguing and dark film that deconstructs relationships and lays them bare. What do we want from those around us? Is it what they are or what we want them to be?

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