Why does Super Duper Stuff need a Frequently Asked Questions page?

It doesn’t! I just like the idea of it.

Here are the answers to some important questions raised by my friends and family.

Q. Why do you think the Blue Ranger (Billy) is the best when the Red Ranger (Jason, with dragon shield) is clearly better?

It’s because he’s blue and he uses the power of the Triceratops (my favourite dinosaur)! It is not because he is useless in a fight (for a while at least) and it is not because he rocks dungarees. Hang on maybe it is because he rocks dungarees…

David Yost

Super Duper Chrissy Cooper with David Yost. The original Blue Ranger!

Q. Is Batman really a super hero?! I mean he doesn’t possess any super human powers, so is he not just a hero/vigilante?

He is a Superhero. I’d say his determination, frankly ridiculous range of skills and ability to plan ahead are what allows him to stand alongside the rest of the Justice League and be considered one of them.

Check out the story Tower of Babel to see how Batman had plans to take out each member of the Justice League. You might be thinking two moves ahead, but Batman is ten ahead and has already won. You just don’t know it yet.

Wikipedia describes a superhero as “A superhero is a type of fictional stock character possessing extraordinary or superhuman powers and dedicated to protecting the public.”. I think that we can agree that Bruce Wayne has extraordinary abilities? The sheer number of them rolled into one guy should be enough. He’s a detective, martial artist, escapologist and ninja! Add in his disguises, plus computer and scientific knowledge, and you’ve got yourself a superhero!

In Batman Begins Alfred questions Bruce’s motivations. Is he in this just for his own gratification (vigilante) or is it part of a higher calling (hero)? Over the course of the trilogy Bruce proves he is a hero by the choices he makes to better the city.

He is a vigilante in that he is outside of the law. But his motives are above that.

Q. Favourite music/film/fruit/animal/cheese?

Music – I’ve seen Steps, Muse, and Slipknot live and I loved them all. Eclectic tastes.

Film – Batman Begins if I had to pick one. But if you let me pick a few I’d go for treats such as Double Indemnity, Return of the Jedi, Hot Fuzz, Predator and Ghostbusters, to name but a few.

Fruit – Banana. Though I am rather partial to raisins.

Animal – Giraffes! They have pretty eyelashes. Did you know they have special tendons that lock in place and hold their weight?

Cheese – Melted mature cheddar.

Q. Best and worst Comic related computer games?

Best – The Arkham series. Robocop Versus Terminator. Spider-Man 2. X-Men (Mega Drive). Aliens Versus Predator.

Worst – Not sure to be honest with you. I seemed to have avoided bad ones.

Q. Seriously, what’s the point of Jubilee?

Who knows! I’ve never understood this one. Emma Frost thinks she is possibly one of the strongest mutants that exists, with huge untapped potential. I’m more inclined to think she’s rubbish. Great for a fireworks display but not much else.

Q. Do you even lift?

Occasionally. I go through phases. You could say I’m like a young Christian Bale with the changes in my physique. Or you could not as that would be a lie.

Q. Would you rather jump into a pool of jelly or a pool of pudding?

A tough one. For a start we don’t know which pudding. Is it a sponge cake? Custard? I don’t know!

I could bounce off the jelly and hit the floor instead! I could drown in the custard. This is a tough one. I prefer pudding to eat, but to land on I think I’d go with jelly. Land in the middle and hope for the best.

Q. Did the top stop spinning at the end of Inception?

I’ve only seen it once, but my first thought when the film finished was that it would not stop spinning. I think Hobb is holed up in there good and tight.

Q. When you watch “X-Men: First Class” do you ever stop and say to yourself (or aloud) “Damn that Fassbender IS so dreamy.”?

My wife Laura saw this question and answered it for me.

“Yes, you do it every time”.

Have you seen how well dressed he is? I don’t know how you couldn’t be impressed. He could easily play a 60’s James Bond. Or any James Bond for that matter. I’d have taken a whole film of him hunting down Nazi’s.

Check out this page over at the awesome Hello, Tailor blog. Enjoy it, and then tell me how you could not feel that way?

Q. If the Sailor Scouts were real which would you have dated in high school?

Based on an extensive history of never watching Sailor Moon, I’ll have to go with Raye (that’s Sailor Mars). High school is mid teens isn’t it? That means I wouldn’t actually get a date as I’d have been too busy throwing pens at them in an attempt at being cool. Bravado is the pinnacle of attractive traits.

Q. If anyone in your family got stung by a jelly fish, would you pee on them to ease the pain?

Without a doubt yes. I’d probably do it without the jelly fish.

Q. When does the Narwhal Bacon?

The Narwhal bacons at midnight. My use of Reddit can be attributed to a chap called James, who introduced me to it at work. Which was bloody stupid. I lost a lot of time!

Q. Who, if anyone is able to replace Ledger as the joker?

Cop out answer I’m afraid. He can’t be replaced. That Joker, and the continuity he was part of, is complete. He was scary, funny and convincing. Luckily no one has to follow in his footsteps next to Bale. Some other guy will step up and who knows, he might do a cracking job.

EDIT – Leto looks suitably different. I’m not completely sold on the tattoos but it looks as though he’ll do a good job. Looking forward to seeing more of him.

Q. If you had one return time travel ticket, where would you go?

It’s got to be the Cretaceous period! The chance to see a T-Rex? I couldn’t pass that up. I am allowed to take weaponry and a vehicle aren’t I?
If not, the 60’s. I think I’d have liked the 60’s. My hair would have at least.

Q. If you weren’t too busy bothering us about your website, what would you be doing?

Annoying Laura. Playing video games. Reading comics. Hm, I do those anyway really.

I could be running. I don’t run enough. Yes, running.