DOOM – Video Game Review

Having only recently enjoyed one FPS that bucked recent trends in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, I was surprised to find myself hankering after more. Turns out I was in luck, as another one of the original FPS franchises has released a new version. A franchise with a title so well known that they haven’t even had to give it a number or sub-title.


Though I’m well aware of the franchise I’ve only played it in small parts. The original has ports everywhere so it’s hard to miss, whilst DOOM 3 was attempted with headphones in a dark room and didn’t last long. I’ve not been a PC gamer for a long time, so with this one being released on PS4 it was my chance to get on-board early on.

The biggest impression DOOM left was on my play style. Years of COD and it’s equivalents did not serve me well for the first couple of hours. “Where’s the cover!”, “Where’s my health!” and “Why do I keep dying!” came up frequently. But then it clicked. This was an old-school game and it needed an old-school approach.

Move or die.

Over the following few hours I became a death dealing kangaroo as I hopped around. A lot of the time I wouldn’t even finish enemies in one go such was my movement. I’d shoot and then finish them on the next lap.

Saying that though, I completed the game on ‘Hurt Me Plenty’ (medium?) and found it more than challenging. Major, major kudos to anyone who can complete it on the higher difficulty settings. There’s definitely something here for the masochists.

The design aesthetic gives me a huge Dead Space vibe which is never a bad thing. It’s further bolstered by the mute protagonist coming into contact with people in some sort of cult.

I’d talk more about the story but it would be missing the point. This game wanted me to shoot demons. I did and I loved it, though those bloody Imps are a massive pain in my backside. They’re even more nimble than I was and their very well written AI made them a massive threat. The graphics are great, the animations smooth and the guns look cool. From the reload of the Super Shotgun to the countless glory kills I performed, the entire game just felt right.

As a single player campaign it’s one of the best I’ve played.

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